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Rotary Picnic Park

Rotary Picnic Park Red Deer

Rotary Picnic Park Red Deer

Do you want to be surrounded by Red Deer’s natural beauty while taking a bite of your favorite sandwich? Are you looking for a perfect place to have a picnic with family and friends? Then, head your way to Rotary Picnic Park.

Rotary Picnic Park always has something great to offer for everyone, making it one of the all-time favorite parks in Red Deer. The park is a perfect destination for a day outdoors and picnic activities, thanks to its excellent activities.

What to Expect:

Located on 43 Street and 48 Avenue’s corner, Rotary Picnic Park lets you enjoy the following features:

  • Washroom facilities 
  • Playground 
  • Waskasoo trail system access 
  • Piper Mountain 
  • Rotary Picnic Park Shelter 
  • Fire pits 
  • Lots of picnic tables 

Relax, Spend Time with Nature, and Picnic!

If you are looking for one of the best places in Red Deer to picnic, relax, and spend time with nature, ORotary Picnic Park is the ideal choice. You can find supplement stores, hospitals, restaurants, and coffee shops near the park.

The park comes with lots of amenities you can use to improve your overall experience, including many picnic tables, washrooms, and fire pits. If you bring your kids to this park, they can enjoy the playground made for them.

If you love going on trails, the park is close to the Waskasoo trail system. So, you can access it easily. The Rotary Picnic Park Shelter is also an excellent site in the park and was built for tourists looking for a shelter.

Picnics are among the favorite bonding activities by most families in Red Deer. This outdoor activity gives them a chance to catch up and create new memories together. Regardless of how busy you are, great bonding activities like picnics can bring you closer. It is also the perfect time to cook for your loved ones.

Great Outdoor Activities 

Rotary Picnic Park is more than just picnic activities; it is also a perfect spot for outdoor activities. The beautiful park lets you take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the excellent weather.

If you plan to use the fire pits or have a picnic, ensure to bring your own firewood because the park does not provide them. Like Discovery Canyon, Heritage Ranch, and Bower Ponds, this attraction is the most visited place by the locals and tourists.

Visiting Rotary Picnic Park in the winter months gives you the best chance to enjoy the snow even more. However, you can visit the park year-round and let have excellent bonding activities with your loved ones.


Rotary Picnic Park is famous for its beautiful picnics and other outdoor activities. The attraction is filled with all the essential amenities to make your visit convenient and enjoyable. Inviting your family and friends to visit this park allows you to create new memories with them. You will have a great time spending your day with your loved ones while breathing fresh air, enjoying nature’s view, and relaxing. No matter what your reason to visit the park, you will go home happy and refreshed. Happy bonding!

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