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Great Chief Park

Great Chief Park Red Deer

Great Chief Park Red Deer

Are you looking for an attraction that combines park amenities and support facilities? Do you want to play sports while enjoying nature’s view? Then, Great Chief Park is the answer!

Great Chief Park has a 10-hole pitch, Kiwanis Picnic Site, combined football/soccer field, two fastball diamonds, two baseball diamonds, and other park amenities and support facilities. The park contains trails connecting it to the Waskasoo Park system and trail network.

Located on 4707 Fountain Drive, Great Chief Park is a perfect place to relax and stay active. It offers lots of park amenities and support facilities, making it an ideal destination for the entire family. Plus, it is close to other Red Deer’s best local attractions like Red Deer Golf and Country Club, Bower Ponds, and Heritage Ranch.

Pet-Friendly Destination 

Great Chief Park is used for many different purposes, including practices, special events, tournaments, and games. What’s more, the park is known as a pet-friendly destination. However, you need to follow specific rules when visiting the park with your dogs. 

Ensure that your furry best friends are on leash while inside the sport field areas, and they are not allowed in the non-bleacher viewing areas. Then, clean up after your dog. The park has a refreshment area for your pet’s water access. Once your dogs become noisy or aggressive, you need to remove them from the park.

Year-Round Enjoyment and Fun

Great Chief Park is an excellent destination in all seasons, especially if you visit it on winter days. The park looks different during the winter season because it is used for ice skating and other winter sports.

The park’s location is fantastic is it is easy to access. Many sports fans appreciate the attraction’s natural views, safety, and upgraded facilities. Take your loved ones here and let them explore the park’s beauty and exciting activities.

Top Performance Fields

Great Chief Park’s sports fields offer top performance fields dedicated to many sports enthusiasts. The park has two fastball diamonds, two baseball diamonds, and a bathroom facility or dressing room. You can also find concession that is available for rental for user groups, raised media booth, and a synthetic regulation-sized sports field lined for soccer and football lighting. 

Unwind and Stay Active 

The park’s Kiwanis picnic site includes a playground and picnic shelter. After you enjoy different sports activities, you can try picnicking. You can invite your family and friends to enjoy beautiful views while having good meals.

Visiting Great Chief Park is also an excellent chance to spend quality time with your loved ones and even cook for them. Plus, with all the sports fields available, you can keep your body strong and active.


Great Chief Park is a unique destination as it combines support facilities and park amenities. Whether you want to stay active or enjoy nature’s view or both, this park is a good addition to your bucket list. Plus, you can take your friends and family there to have a good time together and catch up. Happy bonding!

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