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Bower Ponds

Bower Ponds Red Deer

Bower Ponds Red Deer

Are you looking for a perfect venue for your next family activities? Do you want to explore an excellent recreation site in Red Deer? Then, it’s time to include Bower Ponds on your bucket list.

Bower Ponds offers welcoming and clean facilities. This destination can hold a wide array of family bonding activities. You and your loved ones can visit this attraction all-year-round. 

If you are a nature lover, Bower Ponds is an ideal place for you. I features a playground overlooking the enchanting Red Deer River. This place is always has something incredible to offer, so there is no way for you not to come here.

Winter Adventure 

If you prefer visiting Bower Ponds during wintertime, you and your family will love the outdoor ice rink. It is a fun way to introduce ice skating to your kids. Plus, skating aides are available in the facility.

The outdoor ice rink is also a perfect place to have a romantic date night. The recreation center offers rental skates, or if you have not used your own skates for a long time, you can sharpen them here.

Summer Escapade

Summer is one of the favorite seasons to plan different family fun activities. As you and your family visit this recreation center during summertime, the entire gang can enjoy the kayaks, canoes, and even paddle boats.

Interestingly, this destination offers a group rate discount on their boat rentals. If your group is composed of 20 or more members, you can enjoy this discount. This makes Bower Ponds an affordable destination for a large family, church groups, or youth organization.

Boat rental fees already include the life jackets for safety. Rental options also come with water balls for an improved water experience. This large inflatable sphere lets you go inside it and walk across the water surface. It is approximately two meters in diameter. Plus, it comes with a zippered entrance so that you can enter and exit the water ball with ease.

Delicious Foods 

Part of family bonding is food, so you can find a cafe in Bower Ponds that serves deep-fried foods, kombucha, ice cream, hotdogs, hamburgers, and more. For sure, you will leave the place with satisfied taste buds.

What’s more, this Red Deer recreation center also features a board game cafe. You can enjoy more than 200 games every Saturday night. Your admission to the cafe allows you to receive a credit at the cafe. While a reservation is not necessary, you can join different board game leagues to showcase your competitive side.

Easy Booking 

For your upcoming personal family events like family reunions, birthdays, or anniversaries, you can book the facilities at Bower Ponds. Don’t worry; the booking process is very easy. You will find the staff friendly and helpful. They will help you throughout the process and ensure that you will enjoy the entire experience.


Regardless of what holiday or occasion you want to enjoy with your loved ones, Bower Ponds is always a perfect place to do that. From birthdays to family reunions, you can create new, enjoyable, and unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Happy bonding!

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